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Prendre soin de la Vie en nous et autour de nous


Isis, Osiris and Horus: The Story of Spiritual Awakening

Du 5 décembre 2019 à 18:00 au 7 décembre 2019 à 15:00
Dahshur (Egypte)

The Wisdom of Ancient Egypt as a Source of Inspiration for our Lives

An Experiential Initiation Through Meditation and Body Work

The founding myth of the civilization of the pharaohs, the history of Isis, Osiris and Horus has been interpreted by Egyptologists as that the opposition of good and evil. However, as soon as one abandons the judgments proper to the analysis carried out by the mind, one realizes that it is the story of an awakening of the Consciousness where there is neither good or bad, but opposites that are essential to the manifestation of reality. We discover then that the thought of the ancient Egyptians was very close to that which appeared in Vedic India. This mystical thought apprehends the unity of reality. It insists on the need to respect the "Mast", the rightness that allows balance and harmony. It teaches the importance of having an open, and light heart to be in harmony with the laws of life and to know the joy of being alive. Through the figure of Isis, it reveals to us that unconditional love allows the opening of our inner eye, the "oudjat" which sees the essential:
"What is eternal in us, indispensable for life to flourish fully"

During the workshop

We will understand that the mythology of the ancient Egyptians describes what contemporary psychology knows about personality (the self, the ego). We will also understand how this mythology makes it possible to discover the profound nature of beings and things (the Spirit, the Source, the Self, the pure peaceful, silent and loving Consciousness of which all the Spiritual traditions speak)
We will see how this Spiritual understanding is reflected in the sacred places that are the temples and the pyramids. A visit to the Red Pyramid of pharaoh Snefru will help us to feel this in our bodies.
We will perform a series of physical and energetic exercises (exercises that can be called tantric, inspired by yoga and chi kung) in order to open our heart and feel in our body the message left in stone by the ancient Egyptians.
We will explore a meditative practice called "a dive into the inner silence of the heart", that facilitates the awakening of the Consciousness that is referred to in the myth of Isis, Osiris and Horus.

Thierry Janssen

Surgeon who has become psychotherapist, Thierry Janssen is the author of several books devoted to an holistic approach of human being, to the development of what is called "integrative medicine", and to a more spiritual vision of society. Considered as a guide or a spiritual friend by many, he is the founder of the EDLPT (Ecole de la Presence therapeutique) in Brussels, Belgium.

Workshop Costs:

The fees for the workshop are 200 euros in addition to the room and board at Ardi for 2 nights, this includes all seven vegetarian meals, as well as fruits/water/tea/coffee.

Single Room: 2700 LE
Double Room: 1700 LE per person
Triple Room: 1400 LE per person

Dates: Du 5 décembre 2019 à 18:00 au 7 décembre 2019 à 15:00

Lieu: Ardi

Intervenant: Thierry Janssen

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